Manaus, a city of about 200,000 people in South America, has become an international hub for the startup industry.

Manaus is home to several tech start-ups that are known for their high-tech products and the local government is in the business of helping the tech sector.

The mayor’s office and the city’s mayor’s economic development committee recently partnered with a start-up to build a pilot project to create more than 500 affordable apartments.

The project, called City Lab, will help to address the shortage of apartments for local workers.

It was a collaboration between the mayor’s business development and economic development committees, the Department of Labor and the City Hall Corporation, according to the mayor.

“The idea was to create a space for the local economy that could support the startup economy, so they could continue to invest in the city, in the local community and in the startup community,” Mayor Pedro Rodríguez said.

The city’s program was developed through a partnership with a private foundation, and Rodría and the other mayors committee members are expected to make an announcement at the beginning of May.