Daejeons apartment rental is still very popular among many Seoulites, but there are also some drawbacks to this popular choice.

This article is the first of a series on renting apartments in Seoul.

The most common reason for renting an apartment is the price.

“It’s still cheaper than the typical apartment in the city,” says Jeon.

“But if you need to go to a restaurant, there’s the risk that it might be too crowded.”

Jeon, a 32-year-old business owner from Seoul, said that while living in a small apartment is not bad, he still needs to consider his options when considering a location.

Jeong, a 28-year old mother of two, said she was always worried about the safety of her home, especially when she had to walk out after work to pick up her two children.

In Seoul, it is common for young families to move in together, so Jeong had to consider a new location before deciding on her apartment.

While she prefers the comfort of a place where she has a group of friends and can spend time together, Jeong admits that the rental market in Seoul has been “totally changed” in the past few years.

A lot of people move in with their families and friends in the first place, but the average rent is higher than in most cities.

Even in Seoul, where the average apartment rents for $2,200, it can be difficult to find a decent rent for a single person, especially since there are many apartment complexes, which make it difficult for people to find suitable apartments.

It is possible to rent apartments in one of the large complexes in Seoul like the Yonsei District or the Seoul District.

But if you are looking for a one-bedroom apartment, it may be difficult if you live near other families.

At the moment, Jeon is not looking to move to a new apartment, but she hopes that someday she will.

Since moving to Seoul, Jeo is enjoying her newfound freedom to take advantage of the Seoul lifestyle.

“I can travel around and I can take vacations,” she said.

Although Jeon and Jeong are living in Seoul right now, there is one major downside to renting an apartments in the capital: the high cost of living.

If you are a student living in Korea, you may have to pay higher rents than other students in Seoul because of the high number of government subsidies, according to Jeon, who is studying abroad.

According to the Seoul government, the average household income for Seoulites is around 1,200 won ($932) per month.

This is more than three times the average income in most other cities in Korea.

But if Jeon’s family is able to afford the rent, it will be less of a problem for her.

“In my apartment, I don’t have to worry about paying the rent,” she explained.

This article is part of our series on Seoul renting.

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