Batavia, Ill.

– A property in Batavia that is listed for a price of $2.50 per square foot and rents for just under three years, has been sold for $1,800, the Illinois Department of Finance confirmed.

The listing, which is on, was first reported by ABC7 Chicago and has since been shared on Twitter by the developer.

According to the listing, the property is located in the former Batavia City Hall building at 828 S. Lincoln St., which was demolished in November.

It is a five-bedroom, six-bathroom apartment with an attached backyard with a swimming pool, a deck, gym, sauna and two fire pits.

The building has been used by the city for many years.

The listing states that the unit was sold in late 2018 for $3,500.

The seller did not provide any additional information.

The property was listed for $4,000 and has been available for rent for about five years.

It was listed in June 2019 for $5,000.