Greenfield, Texas (CNN) — There’s no need to take the guesswork out of your next big move, as Colliville, Texas, apartment rents are so affordable you can afford to live here.

According to the Collileville Housing Authority, Greenfield is the second-most affordable housing market in Texas, behind Fort Worth, which is the state’s third most affordable.

That means if you’re looking for a one-bedroom apartment, you can save a bit more by choosing from rental properties with amenities like pool and gym, or a more intimate location in the heart of town, like Greenfield Park.

There’s also plenty of room for a backyard and deck, which makes it a great spot to relax on a hot summer day or visit friends and family.

But Collilanders also have access to plenty of affordable housing options outside of Colli.

According to the Housing Authority’s website, Colliland is home to more than 1,400 apartment units.

If you’re seeking a place with a pool, for example, there are pools in the surrounding communities of Greenfield Heights and Greenfield and Colli and Greenfields are nearby to Austin.

If you’re moving from a more traditional neighborhood, you could move to Colli Heights, which boasts an abundance of green spaces and is home of the Austin Museum of Art.

If your first destination is Greenfield or Colli, the housing authority recommends you find a community that’s friendly and welcoming, such as Greenfield Hills, a neighborhood located near the city of Austin that’s known for its high school football team.

“The people here are really friendly, the community is very welcoming,” said Jennifer Davis, a community coordinator for Colliwood.

“There’s a lot of diversity in the community, a lot more people of color, women and people who have kids in the area, so it’s really a great neighborhood to live in.”

As for Greenfield apartments, it’s easy to spot the difference.

In Greenfield Village, for instance, there’s a gym, pool, swimming pool, basketball court and barbecue pit.

“They are definitely a little more expensive than the Greenfields, but it’s still a nice place to live,” said Davis.

“It’s not expensive to get into, it feels more like the Greenfield area, but you’re definitely getting more amenities.”

As long as you have a credit card, Greenfields can also be a great place to find a place to park your car.

According the Housing Board, Green Fields average monthly rent is $1,932, but some renters can save more by renting at a discounted rate.

The Greenfields’ affordability is a huge advantage for Collisians, as it offers a good mix of affordable options, according to the housing agency.

“I think the Green Fields are just a great value, and they’re just a good area to live and to work in,” Davis said.

“The area itself is really nice, it has a lot going for it.”

The Collierois also offer a great community of green space, as well as a lakefront beach and nearby amusement park.