Renters have expressed anger at Airbnb and other platforms that charge tenants for the privilege of sharing rooms, with one woman describing her home as “a chicken coop” with a “stain on the floor”.

The issue is now in the spotlight after an investigation by the Australian Consumer Law Reform Commission found that some apartment rentals advertised as “chicken cooperatives” are actually more like corporate apartments, with some rooms shared by multiple tenants and rooms rented for a fixed monthly fee.

The CBLR investigation found that one Airbnb platform, Zoote Homes, advertised its apartment rentals as “Chicken Coop”.

“There’s a common theme of chicken coops where people are renting out rooms to people who don’t pay rent,” Ms Stiles said.

“I have a house that’s been leased to a single person for three years and they rent out a room to a couple who pay $400 a month.”

In a statement to the ABC, Airbnb said it “does not rent to people under the age of 18, nor does it offer rooms to young people under 18.”

Our policies and policies have always been to allow people to choose where they rent from.””

We do not rent our properties to anyone under the legal age of 21,” it said.”

We have a policy that we do not discriminate against anyone on the basis of age or disability.””

In addition, Airbnb’s safety team will conduct a thorough review of any claims made by people who claim to have been discriminated against.”‘

We’re looking for a place to live’One woman who has experienced the problems said she was not aware of any complaints against her apartment before she bought her property last year.”

I live in a very small, very small apartment and I feel like it’s not right that we are paying rent to these people,” she said.

Ms Stiles says it was only when she tried to rent her own room out that the issue came to light.”

Ms Stile says she is considering filing a complaint against Airbnb. “

We’re not in a house anymore, so we can’t get out and do things like we used to.”

Ms Stile says she is considering filing a complaint against Airbnb.

“It’s not like there’s any sort of complaint form on Airbnb, so I don’t know what to do,” she added.

Ms Strings also contacted the ABC about her experience, but Airbnb has not responded to her complaint.

In a follow-up email, Airbnb wrote: “While we have not received a complaint directly from this user, we do understand that some people may find this information offensive.”

When we first created the Airbnb platform in 2014, our goal was to help people find and rent homes quickly and securely, so it is our intention to make sure our platform is accessible to all.

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