The Golden Apartment rentals in the West will be open through July 10.

In addition to the rentals, the Golden apartments in Fairview will be available to rent through July 20.

The apartments are located at 810 S. Main St. and are at the intersection of East and Main streets.

The new apartments will offer the following amenities:Bathroom with hot tub, showers, laundry and personal care items for $99 per month.

Bath room with hot bathtub and shower with a hot water shower for $79 per monthA full-size full-service restaurant, a bar, a full bar and bar and grill for $75 per month(the grill will be for use during the week, but not at the Golden Apartings).

A dining room with a full menu, including a breakfast buffet, and a private dining room for $50 per month.(This is an exclusive Golden Apartement property.

The new owners of the property are seeking to open the apartments in a larger space.)

The apartments have been rented to students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.