New furniture and decor can be rented out on the cheap after Christmas, after a local business was given a $300,000 grant by the Victorian Government.

The Victorian Government’s New Furniture and Decorating Grant is a $1 million grant awarded to small businesses who can apply for the grant to refurbish their furniture, and add a new decoration to the room.

The money will be available to businesses that are self-sufficient and in financial hardship.

Victoria’s Victorian Business Council is hoping that the new funds will help businesses in the state, particularly those that are struggling financially.

The council says the award is significant because it will allow businesses to hire new staff and refurbish existing rooms, adding new features such as furniture and lighting to existing rooms.

In addition, businesses that use the grants for new equipment and facilities can get a discounted rate.

Victoria business association executive director, Greg Johnson, said the grant will give businesses greater confidence that they are able to hire staff.

“The business can then move forward with the business plans and they’ll be in a much better position when Christmas comes,” he said.

Mr Johnson said he expected some businesses to start re-renting their own rooms as soon as next week.

“If they’re lucky enough to get a discount they’ll certainly be able to start that in the next week or two.”

Mr Johnson expects that some businesses that have applied for the grants to refurbishment will start making furniture and light changes as early as next Friday.

He said it was hoped that the grants would help businesses to make ends meet.

“We’re very grateful that the Victorian Business Association has provided the funding to these businesses,” he explained.

“This will allow them to get up and running in the short term, but hopefully they can sustain the refurbishment program for a longer period of time and make a profit.”

The Victorian Business Owners Association (VBA) is also hopeful the grants will help the state’s businesses.

“These funds will make sure that businesses can continue to attract people and invest, which will provide a boost to our local economy,” CEO Chris Cairns said.

“It will provide jobs and help to grow the economy.”

The grants are currently available for businesses to apply for, with a list of the participating businesses available on the Victorian business association website.