Players and coaches are on the brink of a strike if they don’t get a new contract by April 11, which could lead to a lockout.

The players’ union says the players will have until April 15 to negotiate a deal.

The owners are also on the verge of a lockout if the players don’t agree to a new deal.

And owners are on edge over the potential of a new union.

The latest NFL news: The players union wants a $15 minimum wage.

Owners want the same as the NFLPA.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is meeting with players to discuss the current contract and what the players want, sources told ESPN.

Goodell is expected to offer the players an extension of six years and $120 million, but there is a possibility the sides could reach a deal that gives the players more money and longer contracts.

The union wants Goodell to provide them a mechanism for players to make collective bargaining agreements.

NFL players want Goodell to negotiate with the players to end the lockout.