The best places to live for a year are all in the city, according to a survey from a property research company that has found the city is the perfect place for a new home.

The survey by the property consultancy found that Seattle was the best city in the US for finding renters, with the average price per square foot for new rentals in the area of $1,852.

But the study also found that renters are less likely to rent to families who don’t share their finances, so the average rent per square feet for renters in Seattle is actually lower than the national average of $2,077.

Seattle is also the city with the highest percentage of people living with roommates, with 16.4% of residents in Seattle reporting they had roommates.

The city also has the highest rate of single-family homes in the country, at 15.7% of all homes.

“Seattle is a great place to move in, and it’s a good place to find the right rental,” said Michael Hickey, Realestate’s senior vice president for residential markets.

“There are many options in the market right now, and you can get some great value.”

The survey found that while Seattle is one of the most affordable cities in the nation, it is not without its challenges.

“If you have to move out of your current location, you’re going to want to do so very, very carefully,” said Hickey.

“In Seattle, we’re talking about a lot of people that are very close, and they need to have their finances in order.

They need to be able to move on to a place that’s closer.”

But in general, Hickey said it was important to consider the financial factors when making a rental decision.

“The fact that you are renting in Seattle does not mean you’re living in a luxury home,” he said.

“It’s a very, really, very different situation.

People need to understand that when you rent, it’s really, really important that you’re renting for your family and yourself.”

That’s not to say you should be renting to a family, or a close family member, but you can always find a better rental option.”