AUSTRALIA’S most successful property developer has set up a private company to help him boost his properties empire.

Key points:Tim Allen said he wanted to buy the majority of the country’s properties to use as commercial spaceSource:ABC News | Tim Allen and his family have set up the Allen Property GroupThe Allen Property Company has two offices in Sydney and Perth, and has been recruiting people to work on its propertiesIn a new move, Mr Allen has set himself up as a new owner of a new property company in Sydney’s inner west.

Tim Allen has said he wants to buy all the land on which his properties will be built.

He said he hoped to build “commercial space” for his companies and have a “major impact on the way Australians see their homes”.

Mr Allen, who is best known for his multi-billion dollar real estate empire, has built more than 1,000 houses and apartment blocks in Australia, including some that he has sold for millions of dollars.

The Australian Property Association (APA), which represents property developers, welcomed the move, saying it would help “build the capacity of the community to benefit from the opportunities and opportunities that exist in Australia’s property market”.APA president John Murray said the move was “in recognition of the value of our land to our communities”.

“The Allen property group will be investing a significant amount of capital in our new offices, which will be a great addition to the existing business,” he said.

“The community has been able to benefit directly from the success of our properties and we are looking forward to working with Tim Allen on a wide range of opportunities.”

The Allen group owns the iconic Sydney Opera House, which was once home to the city’s biggest theatre company, the Sydney Opera.

Mr Murray said he was excited to help build a “world-class” commercial space for the Allen group.

“Tim Allen and the Allen Group have a wealth of experience and experience, and we’re looking forward for them to help grow their businesses, to create a new and better world for Australians,” he added.

“We’re looking for more opportunities in Sydney, and more opportunities to invest in our communities.”

The move comes as Mr Allen is fighting a legal battle with a NSW property company over the sale of an old property that was built for his company.

The company, which operates the old Sydney Opera house, has been selling the property, with the sale to Mr Allen now stalled.

Mr Allen said the company had “nothing to do” with the Opera House sale, and he would not be involved in it.

“I have nothing to do with the company.

It’s not me.

It has nothing to with me,” he told ABC News.”

There’s a legal dispute over the building of the Opera house.”APA said the decision by Mr Allen to set up his own company would enable him to “immediately establish himself as a real estate developer”.”

He will be able to build his business from the ground up,” APA CEO Chris Kelly said.

The Allen company is based in Sydney but has two locations, including one in Perth.

Mr Kelly said the new company would help to ensure “Australia’s commercial space is developed and used to meet the needs of the Australian community”.

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