A great deal on apartments in China, but it’s a little harder to find those apartments than in the US.

There are many factors that influence the price, but if you’re looking to find a great deal in Beijing or Shanghai, you’ll need to look no further than these apartments.

In China, the market is very dynamic, with many developers and investors looking to cash in on the rising demand for apartment rentals.

This article will cover some of the factors that can affect the price of apartments in Beijing, Shanghai, and Beijing-Tianjin.


Demand for apartments is higher in China 2.

More apartments are being built 3.

Rentals are more expensive 4.

Renting an apartment in Beijing is more expensive than renting in Shanghai and Beijing 5.

A smaller number of apartments available in Shanghai 7.

Renters in Shanghai tend to pay more than renters in Beijing 8.

The number of apartment rentals in Beijing has increased over the last few years 9.

The rent in Beijing can be higher than in Shanghai 10.

There’s a higher demand for apartments in Shanghai 11.

Many Chinese developers and owners are investing in apartment buildings in Shanghai, including one developer who’s been building rental apartments for years.

Here’s how to find apartments in the city.