The Bayamon Apartments in San Francisco, the nation’s most expensive apartment market, has seen its price tags skyrocket over the past year.

According to Trulia, San Francisco has the most expensive Bayamon Apartment rental market in the US, with a median monthly rent of $2,719.

This price is the second highest in the country behind New York City.

Bayamon has the largest number of units per acre of any Bayamon rental market, which can be attributed to its location close to both downtown San Francisco and the city’s transit hubs.

But it is the proximity to downtown that makes Bayamon home to some of the nation\’s most expensive apartments.

Bayama is a neighborhood with a high concentration of apartment complexes, as well as several other large cities in California, and it is often compared to other San Francisco areas.

While there are plenty of options for the Bayama area, Bayamon is the only city in the Bayamon district with a home price bubble that has grown in the past 12 months.

According, Trulia Bayama Apartments is the best value in the bayamon district, with an average monthly rent for the area of $1,000.

However, the average Bayama apartment rents $1.2 million per month, making it the second most expensive area of Bayamon.

Trulia estimates that a Bayama resident would spend $2.8 million on their apartment in Bayama.

While Bayama residents have been seeing increases in housing prices, many Bayama tenants still struggle to find affordable housing.

This has resulted in Bayamon apartments becoming increasingly expensive.

The median monthly rental for a Bayamon rent apartment is $2