N.K.A.S., the N.H.I.R.O., is urging the Federal Trade Commission to consider whether New Jersey apartment rental companies violate state antitrust laws by offering discounted rent or renting to renters who can’t afford to live there.

The FTC is expected to announce its findings on the case next month, but the agency has repeatedly said it will take action on the matter, even though the company is not the actual owner of the rental companies.

The agency is reviewing several dozen claims filed by the apartment rental firms, which rent apartments to customers and charge them fees for using them, including claims that some of the apartment rentals violate antitrust laws.

The FTC also is examining the rental firms’ practices with the city of Newark, which leases a majority of its properties to N.

Jersey apartments.

The state’s largest apartment rental company, N.S.A., said in a statement it had not been contacted by the FTC but said it has a number of compliance programs in place to ensure that tenants have a fair opportunity to rent their apartment.

The company said it is cooperating with the agency’s investigation and expects to file a response to the FTC by early April.

The commission’s antitrust division has opened investigations into several N.j. apartment rental businesses, including two that rent out condominiums and apartment buildings, the Nh.

I.-R.I., the New Jersey-based New Jersey Office of the New Hampshire Attorney General and the Nj.

R., the state’s rental company.