When your cat’s back hurts, you’re in trouble.

But if your dog’s neck is hurting, or if your cat is in the middle of a fight, it may be time to get your cat and dog to a veterinarian.

Here’s what to do.

What you need to know about pet therapy and spaying/neutering: Pets are very social creatures and many owners don’t know when to call it quits.

Pet therapy is a form of treatment for pets that focuses on helping your pet learn to interact with you and other people.

It’s a natural way to interact and make friends with your pet.

There are a few things to know: You can’t just ask your pet to stop fighting.

Pet therapists don’t have a specific time for the sessions and you should call ahead if you’re unsure.

The best time to call is when you’re not sure how long it will take for your pet and your other guests to get back to you.