The ad on Craigslist is for an apartment in a West End neighborhood, but it has a number of important details wrong: it’s in a single-family home and it has an air-conditioning system, which the listing describes as “good.”

It says the unit has been rented for just under two months.

The unit, with a floor-to-ceiling window and a kitchenette, was rented for $1,700 a month.

The apartment, which has been vacant since September, has a bathroom, but the listing says it’s for a family of five.

The listing is part of a larger chain of listings on Craigslist, where listings for apartments in West Asheville and elsewhere are being taken up by the online real estate marketplace.

But unlike other listings, it’s not a one-time opportunity to get a home.

The Craigslist listing is still open for anyone to click on.

The seller, who listed himself as an independent contractor and asked not to be identified by name, said he was looking for an eight-bedroom house in a good neighborhood, with all the amenities, including a full bath, a well-stocked kitchen and a deck, which was the unit in question.

He said the unit was available to rent for $2,000 a month and would be ready for occupancy within the next two weeks.

The home was advertised in West End as a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment with an air conditioner and a refrigerator, but on the Craigslist listing, the listing description says the home has a kitchen, bathroom and a bathroom closet.

The listing says the units have been vacant for almost two months, but when it was listed last week, it had no description of the unit.

The listings on the site are taken up every day, said Jason F. Smith, a spokesman for the West End Alliance for Realtors, which represents about 200 apartment building owners and renters in the area.

“It’s a huge issue.

There are some properties that have been in that neighborhood for many years,” Smith said.

In West Asheville, the number of listings for vacant units has grown from about 10 a month in 2012 to more than 20 a month this year.

The city’s vacancy rate is about 11 percent, according to the most recent data available.

The average listing price in the neighborhood is $1.3 million, according in-person listings.

The West End’s apartment market is one of the most expensive in the state.

In 2017, the median apartment price in West Bend was $1 million, and in the city of West Asheville was $2.1 million.

Smith said he’s aware of several other Craigslist listings that have come up with similar descriptions of homes.

“We’re aware of this type of listing that’s going on and have been working to address that issue,” Smith told The Lad.

The Craigslist listing for an Asheville apartment on Craigslist in Westside.

The next steps:A Craigslist listing on Westside listing that has been up for a week.

The house in question is listed as a “two bedroom, two bath apartment” and it was recently vacant.

The landlord is listed by the listing as “a former West Asheville landlord,” but it’s unclear if the listing is correct.

A West End listing for a two bedroom apartment.

A Craigslist advertisement for a Westend apartment.

A second Craigslist listing with a similar description.

The landlord is in the West Asheville area.

A second Craigslist advertisement with the same listing.

The house in the first Craigslist advertisement.

A third Craigslist listing listing for two bedrooms, one bathroom and deck.

A fourth Craigslist listing of a two room home for $3,000.

The same house in another Craigslist advertisement that has a different description.

A home on West End for $5,000 on Craigslist.

The owners of two other West End properties listed in this Craigslist ad.

A third listing for $8,000 that the owner of the other house has removed.

A house in Westend for $12,000 in a separate Craigslist listing.

In a phone interview, the West Bend Alliance for Renters director, Tom Smith, said the listing was incorrect.

He explained that the listing’s description of a unit that was not available for rent is a reference to an older listing, which may have been up in June 2017 or earlier.

Smith explained that there are several factors that can influence a listing, such as the amount of time that has passed since the listing, whether the home is vacant or in use, and if the home belongs to a real estate investor.

The association’s goal is to ensure that a listing is accurate and accurate, he said.

The Asheville Real Estate Board, which regulates the listings on these listings, does not monitor the activity on Craigslist to make sure listings are accurate, said spokesman Michael Cramer.

The board will not review a listing until a review is made, he added.

“We know that