Bastrop is just north of Dallas and Austin.

It is located in the Texas Panhandle.

It has a population of about 3,000, which is the same as the state of Texas.

There are about 50 apartment buildings in the area, which are all listed on Airbnb.

But, most of them have not been able to sell.

The apartments listed on the site are not listed for sale and are not being advertised.

The apartment buildings are all located in areas with low-income populations, including the Panhandle and southwest Bastrop County.

But they have not had to sell yet.

The Bastrop Area Renters Association (BARSA) says that many of the apartment buildings listed on its website are not in the best locations.

“The apartment buildings we’re talking about here are not currently listing.

And we are not going to list them,” said BARA president John Smith.

“So we’re not getting to the bottom of it.”

But Smith said the housing industry in Bastron is not doing its job.

He said, “There’s a lot of people who have rented out their apartment buildings, but they haven’t been able for them to be sold.”

Smith said many of these apartment buildings may be sold at a discount.

He explained that many landlords are going to the apartment building to rent out their apartments, but the apartments will not be available for sale.

“We’re not going on the phone and saying, ‘Hey, can we sell your apartments?’

That doesn’t happen,” said Smith.

The rental vacancy rate in Bastrophill, Texas, is about 3 percent, according to a recent study by the Bastrop Association.

So, even if the apartment units are not available for lease, landlords may not be able to make any money off them.

Smith said it is also difficult for landlords to advertise the apartments on Airbnb, because many people who use the site have their own Airbnb accounts and the listings can get a lot more popular than the apartment houses.

He also said many landlords may advertise their apartments on their websites in a way that is difficult to read, such as listing a price for the apartment.

“When you look at the listings on Airbnb you can see the prices for the apartments are very low,” said John Smith, president of the Bastrophil Area Renting Association.

“There are just so many people out there who are renting these apartments.

We are not getting a return on our investment. “

It’s just too expensive.

We are not getting a return on our investment.

We need to find ways to make more money,” said Adam Jones, the president of BARA.

BARA is looking to sell some of the apartments it owns to help the housing market in Bastropp in Bastromill, Bastrop.

Jones said they are not yet in a position to make that happen.

“I’m not aware of a situation where we’re selling our apartments,” Jones said.

“As far as I know, the apartment market in the Bastromills is at a very low level, and we’re in a situation in Bastramill where the rental market is not as strong as it needs to be to make it a viable market.

We’re going to continue to do what we’re doing to help keep Bastrop as a vibrant city,” Jones added.

Jones added that he is working with other landlords to make the apartments available for rent.

“Our hope is that eventually a little bit of money will come in,” he said.

But he said there are a lot things that need to be done to make sure the rental economy in Bastraphill stays strong.

“My hope is we can get some money into the system,” he added.

The city of Bastrop does not have a property tax, which would allow the area to fund the apartments.

However, the Bastros city council has set aside about $15 million for the area that is used to pay rent for those apartments.

The area is also considering a $1.25 per hour increase in the tax rate for all businesses.

The current tax rate is 1.25 percent.

The council also is considering a property-value tax that would bring the tax to 5 percent.