If you’re looking for a place to live in Collie, Illinois, the city’s third-largest, 3a is the only place to look.

Colliwood has an affordable housing shortage and is home to several apartment communities.

While there are some nice neighborhoods to explore, most are in the more pricey, more dense parts of the city.

And 3a offers a mix of rentals.

A three-bedroom apartment rents for $2,500 a month.

A two-bedroom one rents for about $2.50 a month, with a kitchen and bathroom included.

A one-bedroom for $1,000 a month includes utilities, air conditioning, heat, and a shared bathroom.

You can also choose from a laundry room, and you can pay $100 for a three-hour break a week.

But the biggest draw to the neighborhood is the proximity to major transit hubs like Chicago and Springfield, Ill.

So if you want to experience the city in all its glory, look no further than Colli.

“I think Colli is an awesome place to visit and a great place to stay,” said Jennifer Williams, who is a real estate agent in Collier County.

And I love that it’s close to Chicago and to Springfield.” “

You can just take your bike and ride to the shopping and dining and shopping center downtown and then just stroll down the street to the lake.

And I love that it’s close to Chicago and to Springfield.”

It’s a perfect commute to work, too.

It’s just 30 minutes away from downtown, Springfield, and Springfield International Airport.

And there are many options for those looking for quick, affordable transportation, including the Chicago-area RapidRide bus system.

Collier is also a great stop for those traveling between the city and other nearby suburbs.

If you want a more relaxing, relaxing vacation, the Colli Hills community is a good choice, Williams said.

Colliers downtown is full of restaurants, cafes, and bars.

There are also many beautiful residential neighborhoods, including Colliville and the upscale Colli Grove neighborhood, both in the city of Colli, Ill., about an hour north of the capital.

The median home price in Collio Heights is $1.3 million.

Collie is located in southern Illinois about 15 miles north of Springfield.

There is no traffic in Collian, and traffic in the area is light.

However, the traffic congestion makes it difficult to get around town.

The city is home of many community colleges and universities, and residents can get to many places within a short drive.

And for those with children, there are plenty of places to take them to.

For those looking to live closer to the center of town, the downtown area is the perfect place to find affordable housing.

And, for those wanting a smaller, more walkable place, you can still enjoy the beauty of Collier and Springfield.

Collia has a growing number of affordable apartments for rent, with many more coming soon.