In Melbourne, apartments are expensive, but they are also very expensive to live in.

The median rent for an apartment in Melbourne is $3,800 a month.

This is the second highest monthly rent in Australia.

In comparison, the median rent in Sydney is $1,700 a month and Melbourne’s median rent is $2,000 a month, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

This means that in Melbourne, it is very expensive for someone to live there, with a median rent of $3.50 per month, or about $400 a month more than Sydney.

The average cost per month to live is $8,500 in Melbourne.

The city has the highest rent in the country at $1.2 million, followed by Sydney at $9,600.

The national average rent is in the region of $1 million.

Most of the apartments in Melbourne are single-family homes.

This makes them especially expensive to rent.

Single-family houses have a median price of $400,000.

A large majority of the city’s apartments are one-bedroom apartments.

This type of apartment is more expensive to buy, but it also means that it is more likely to have a deposit.

In the city of Melbourne, the average rental value of a one-bedroom apartment is $10,800.

The second most expensive apartment in the city is a two-bedroom apartment for $15,200.

It is the fourth most expensive property in the metropolitan area.

The cost of a two bedroom apartment is roughly $12,000 per month.

Most apartments have three bedrooms.

In Melbourne there are about 1,000 one- and two-bedrooms in a single- family home.

There are a large number of one- to two-family properties in Melbourne as well, which makes them particularly expensive to purchase.

There is a big difference in cost between an apartment with three bedrooms and one with two bedrooms.

An apartment with one bedroom can be much more expensive than an apartment without a bedroom.

Most two- to three-bedroom units in Melbourne can cost up to $15 million.

The biggest price difference is when you factor in the deposit, which is generally $2.5 million.

In addition to the rent, there are also other costs associated with buying a home.

It will cost a property a total of about $10 million, according the Australian Capital Territory’s Property Finance Act of 1996.

This includes mortgage and insurance costs, as well as any taxes, penalties and fees that may apply.

If a property is sold, there is also a buyer’s premium of up to 50 per cent.