Rents in New York are rising in real estate markets around the country.

While the number of apartment rentals has grown faster than the population of the city, the average rent has stayed relatively steady for the past decade.

But in the past five years, prices have surged across the board.

In New York City, average rent for an apartment was $1,738 last year, up 5.6 percent from $1 and 5.4 percent from the previous year.

And that’s on top of the 6.4% increase in rents for the citywide area over that same period.

Rents for New York apartments are rising at a faster pace than rents in most other big cities, according to the Rent Council of New York.

The group has found that the average New York apartment rent increased 9.6% in the first half of 2017, compared to an increase of 3.3% for all cities.

Rent prices have grown by 8.3 percent in Brooklyn, 6.5 percent in Manhattan, 6% in Queens, 6 percent in Staten Island and 6.2 percent in the Bronx.

The median rent in Manhattan has increased 8.5% over the past year, while it’s fallen 4.6%.

And in Queens it’s risen by 7.5%.

The New York Housing Authority reported in June that it was adding 4,400 new units in the next two years, but it hasn’t reported how many of those units are rentals.

The agency said that the apartments it is adding tend to be smaller and more affordable than the units it has sold.

A recent report from the nonprofit Housing Works said that in 2016, rents in the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens were more than twice as expensive as rents in New Jersey.

The average monthly rent in New Yorks largest city is $2,836, according the New York Times, which makes it the most expensive city for renters in the country, behind only New Orleans, which costs $3,564.

In comparison, the median monthly rent for a studio apartment in the San Francisco Bay Area is $1.35 million.

The rents are high in New york because it is an expensive market for people to live in.

It’s also where some of the nation’s most expensive apartments are located, and the city is the most populated in the United States, with nearly 11 million residents.

And it has been one of the most prosperous cities in the world since the 1980s.

But it is also a city that is struggling with its own affordability crisis.