Russia is currently in the midst of a housing boom, and some experts believe that the country is currently experiencing a housing bubble.

According to the research firm BNP Paribas, Russian apartment rentals increased by 4.7% in 2017, according to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

This is significantly more than the 5.4% increase in 2017 that was reported in 2016.

According the research company BNP, Russia is in the throes of an apartment rental boom.

According to BNP’s data, apartment rentals grew by 4,7% from January to July 2017.

That is the fastest pace in the world.

BNP says this is because many of the new apartments are built on top of old ones, and are therefore much less prone to collapse.

In addition, the number of apartments rented out tripled in 2017 from the previous year, according the research.

This may be partly due to the increase in prices.

The average price for an apartment in Moscow increased by 1.6% to 2,500 rubles ($26.50), according to BNS data.

According a survey by the Russian Federation Institute of Statistics, apartments are being rented out for a total of 9.7 million square meters, up from 7.9 million square metres in 2017.

This is in addition to the 4.2 million square meter apartment rentals in the last three years.

The majority of the apartment rentals are in Moscow, with the city also hosting the largest number of apartment rentals.

The research firm says the apartment rental industry is now growing at a pace that is not seen before.

“The growth rate of the rental industry in Russia is at its peak.

The total rental market is now at 4.6 million square m and the number renting out apartments is increasing rapidly,” it said.

In the last five years, Russian cities have experienced a massive housing boom.

Moscow is the biggest city in Russia and houses around 1.4 million people.

It is estimated that the city will host up to 4.5 million people by 2020.

Other Russian cities such as Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and St. Petersburg-on-Sea have also experienced a housing booms.

The latter two cities have an average apartment rental price of 2,800 rubles per square meter in 2017 and 3,500 per square metre in 2018.BNP’s research also said that the average price of a new apartment in Russia increased by 3.2% from the same period in 2016 to 2.946 rubles.

This increase was partially offset by a drop in prices for existing apartments.

The price of new apartments fell by 2.3% in the first quarter of 2018 to 1,834 rubles, while the price of old apartments fell slightly by 0.5% to 1.869 rubles a square meter.

In 2018, the government announced the establishment of a National Rent-A-Car Service.

This service is designed to provide renters with free car rental to Moscow, and is available to all renters.

However, the service is limited in many areas.

The rental industry has been hit hard by the government’s anti-corruption measures.

Many apartment rental companies have been forced to close.

The Ministry of Economic Development in December announced that it was launching a review of the industry’s operating standards and procedures.

In October, the Russian government proposed the establishment, with a minimum of 25% of apartments being rented by foreigners, and 100% by Russians.

The proposal is still pending approval.