Two months after a woman was duped into believing she was renting a cadaver apartment, the victim still has not been paid her $2,000 deposit.

The woman contacted the Rentals Australia on Tuesday and said she had been living in a $3,000 apartment and had only recently received the deposit from Rentals.

She had also been given a $400 payment on the night she moved into the apartment.

But the scammer had been using her mobile phone to call the apartment to make the payments.

“It’s not like you just walk in and say, ‘Hello, what’s the rent?’,” she said.

“They say they will give you the deposit, but they don’t, and they tell you you have to come in.”

I’ve been in this situation for two months now and they’re still going to pay me $2-2.30 per night, they’re not refunding it.

“The scammer claimed the apartment was her own property and she had paid off the deposit.”

That’s what they told me,” she told FourFourtwo.”

But it’s not true.

I had to go through them to get the deposit back and I still haven’t got it.

“Ms Veal said she was not going to put up with it any longer and decided to go public with her story.”

To me it’s just a terrible situation,” she.”

The scamming was going on for a while, I didn’t know the real person, I had a bad experience and I’m trying to get this money back, but I can’t.

“Ms Fagan said the scam was continuing.”

At the moment, the rent is still being paid on the same night I live there and the money is being held on my behalf by Rentals,” she wrote in an email to FourFour Two.”

There is still an open case and Rentals can’t tell me what happened.

“Rentals Australia CEO Rob Choo said the company was working with the woman to get her money.”

We’re very sorry to hear of the unfortunate experience of this woman and hope this has not deterred others from contacting Rentals, or if they do, they are welcome to make a complaint,” he said.