If you live in Chicago and are looking for an apartment in the city, you can rent one from the city’s largest apartment rental company.

The company, Batavia, operates in the Chicago suburbs and offers more than 300 apartments, from historic buildings to new luxury rentals.

The Chicago Tribune has compiled a list of the city-owned apartment rental companies in Chicago, as well as how much you can save if you rent them.

You can see the list of companies on Batavia’s website, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

To rent an apartment, you need to fill out a Batavia application.

The application, which you can complete online, asks for a credit card number, your address and phone number.

Batavia will then ask you to send $200 to the company, which will then deposit the funds in your account.

The application will also ask you for the name and phone numbers of people who have rented the apartment you are interested in.

Once you complete the application, the company will contact you with an email that will provide a verification number.

Once you have the verification number, you will receive a text message telling you that you can now rent the apartment from Batavia.

You’ll need to contact the company to get the apartment.

You can rent an Apartment with BataviaChicago.comThe company charges $699 for a one-bedroom apartment in Batavia or $699 a two-bedroom for an Apartments in Chicago.

If you are looking to rent an older apartment, the apartment is available for $1,200 a month.

If the company is interested in a two bedroom apartment, it is available from $2,400 a month to $3,800 a month depending on the location.

The Apartment Rentals website has a list on the site that lists the apartment prices.

If you have a home in Chicago that is not located in the same county as your Batavia apartment, Batavias website offers you the option of moving there.

The company does offer an option to move to the city of Chicago, but it is $200 a week more than Batavia charges.

The Batavia website offers a list that lists all of the Chicago apartments.

If it is not clear if you are getting a two, three or four bedroom apartment in a building, you should contact the building owner to find out what the apartments rent for.

If Batavia does not have a listing for the building you want, you may want to consider renting an apartment at a new company, such as Apartment Towers in Chicago or Westlake Apartments in Chicago .

The company rents apartment buildings in the suburbs, which are usually less expensive.

The list of Chicago apartments is updated on a daily basis, so you should check back for new listings before renting.